About Us

Balayage salon is amongst the pioneers of providing the art of beauty care. Our vision is to implement the knowledge about beauty and hair and to excel in the field of grooming industry, through individual care and attention to every little detail. We bring perfection into the world of beauty by utilizing our acquired skills with high quality products, techniques as well as changing trends. Our salon is a masterpiece in itself offering full service to clients with various needs. Our vision is to keep our clients on trend by using our techniques. We make sure that they carry their makeup and hairstyle according to what is in vogue these days. We have an extensive range of beauty care products that serve various functions.

Our specialty is in providing hair and beauty treatments. We value our clients and motivate them to be creative and innovative when it comes to their grooming and beauty. Above all, we provide them with a soothing and healthy environment where they can avail our services in a friendly atmosphere. Our priority is to leave the customer content and satisfied and for that we go beyond borders to come up to their expectations. From the moment you enter into the salon till you leave, we are determined to provide you with a luxuriously comfortable environment along with the services of your choice.

Our team, at Balayage Salon is one of the most skilled and experienced teams ranging from the senior makeup artists to the hair stylists. We believe and adhere to the phenomena of education which is our top priority. Each and every staff member is highly trained regarding the products, techniques and tools being used in the salon. This helps in creating an environment of passion where every senior member teaches and inspires the new staff. We are determined to make use of the latest innovations with respect to beauty care and aim at maintaining a high standard as well as trust with our customers. This can only be achieved with the help of team work which can be observed clearly from the way our staff members work in Balayage Salon.